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land, air, water, science and art to work together in zen-like deliberation: the grapes.

resulting from meticulous planning and execution, sparing no detail or expense, Huntington Hill Vineyards prides itself on producing some of the finest wine-grapes in the region. adding 4.8 acres in 2012 to the original 16.4 acres planted in 2007, Huntington Hill Vineyards thoughtfully and carefully tends to over 29,000 estate wine grape vines.

our Vineyard Manager Stirling Fox, and our estate Foreman Juan Cruz, work seasonal and annual viticultural cycles maximizing our micro-climate, soil, vines and the best practices of wine grape growing. we have been working with Stirling for 9 years and are proud of the results we have achieved together. from the agriculture and aesthetic perspectives, Huntington Hill Vineyards is singularly focused on the quality of our fruit, wine, and the integrity of our brand.