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the dream began

in the late 1980's out of a love for the outdoors, working the land, and the pure delight of sharing wine with fellow travelers on life's journey. after scores of trips from the bay area to the Oregon wine country, with more than a decade of research and planning, talking with locals, vineyard owners, winemakers and vineyard developers, we carefully observed and learned where, and how, we wanted to stake our claim.

on one such trip in late 1999 we found the location and acreage to ground our passion: we discovered a generations-old grass seed farm, which was originally used to graze cattle, and was periodically used to grow straw and alfalfa, now called Huntington Hill Vineyard.

the land upon which Huntington Hill Vineyard estate resides was homesteaded in the early 1900's, and later became part of a local family farm trust. from the moment we set foot on the land, it instantly felt like the ideal location to put down roots and begin our dream of growing wine grapes. a few miles south of the established winegrape growing county in Oregon, we ventured by joining the pioneers of the northern-most part of Polk County, to help enlarge the world-renowned Oregon winemaking region, expanding the finest winegrape growing region in the state, to the south.