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huntington hill vineyards estate

encompassing 165 acres with 22 acres planted in wine grape vines: it is here that land, air, water, science and art work together in zen-like deliberation.

five elements work in concert to make Huntington Hill Vineyards unique:

with pastoral views of the valley to the east, south and west, Huntington Hill rises above the valley floor 450 feet. positioned east of a 20 acre fresh water lake, Huntington Hill Vineyards is dedicated to the pursuit of growing fine wine making grapes, crafting enjoyable wine, and sharing both with fellow travelers on life's journey. now known as the Perrydale Hills wine growing area (we hope for an official AVA designation as well), Huntington Hill Vineyards was one of the first pioneers committed to growing wine grapes in an area that is now experiencing a series of vineyard developments.