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strategy, management, investment, and brand advisory

essential components of the portfolio of services and products Huntington Hill Ventures has been offering since 2004 are investment, strategic planning, and management advisory. we do this as angel investors, mentors, advisors, board members, philanthropists, and executives or entrepreneurs-in-residence.

quite simply, Huntington Hill Ventures is results-driven. we specialize in growth and transformation. with that, how we derive results is deeply integrated with our values of integrity, honesty and sustainability.

the three founders combined 70+ years of experience and multiple industries into Huntington Hill Ventures, preserving a small business, client-forward approach that is vital to economic growth and the spirit of free enterprise: technology, healthcare, retail, hospitality, viticulture, academia, entertainment, food, service, design, and global management. our founders have lived in and worked on five continents.

we provide expertise, wisdom and insight into strategy, planning, innovation, executive development, retail strategy, small business management, branding, expatriation, and all manner of marketing, including internal and external communications, as well as product development and management.

Huntington Hill Ventures brings together global talent and teams that break down complexity and comprehend business - large and small. as small business serial entrepreneurs, we understand focus, tight budgets, the need for intellectual property protection, and accountability. as successful and accomplished senior executives within large international enterprises, execution of strategies and tactics involving culture, scalability, cross-functional management, and finesse are integrated into specific and measurable advice. our partner firms include talent from some of the brightest creative and agency minds of the advertising, public relations, and human resources world. we have an extensive list of brands we have worked with, but some of them include: Apple, HTC, Verizon, GTE, Nordstrom, Tivo, T Mobile, Cambia Health Solutions, Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield, ZoomCare, Target, Mervyns, Radisson, University of New York in Prague, Mobilnet, Main Street, Sheraton, Specialty Restaurants, Sprint, Cass Business School, PeaceHealth, US West, AirTouch, Vodafone, Nortel, Grandma Leeth's, Marylhurst University, Urban Airship, Opanga, and Duty Free Stores.

contact us to schedule a confidential dialogue on how we can support the achievement of your objectives and to receive more information on our team, or simply how to feature Huntington Hill Vineyard wine on your menu.


a remarkable force, CoFounder Clent Richardson infused strategy, cultural as well as brand transformations, executive coaching, organizational development, governance, and operations advisory into Huntington Hill Ventures. he was the mastermind behind the development of Huntington Hill Vineyard in a relatively unknown viticultural area that now boasts its own AVA: Van Duzer Corridor.


retail strategy and operations, sourcing, design, expatriation, merchandising, and international distribution.


growth, transformation, storytelling, strategy, products, high-visibility & fast-track projects, Executive-in-Residence/EiR, design, mentorship, NGO, start-ups, food and restaurants, ideation, insights, brand advisory, and strategic planning.